Requirements to Becoming a Concept2 Trainer - READ BEFORE BEGINNING COURSE

As you go through this course you will be quizzed throughout. These questions are open book but make sure you are paying attention as you take them.

After you have completed the quizzes and study materials, the final step to becoming a Concept2 Trainer is submitting your 9 - 10 minute Coaching Video.

As professionals, we take the career of coaching seriously. Therefore, this will not be a simple record and be done process. Expect to have 3 - 4 revisions required before we approve your video for graduation. This means you will record your first version of the video and submit. We will critique and send back revisions to be made and then re-filmed. This process will continue until we feel you have successfully internalized the content.

For this reason, we expect you to be active in your practice of the material as you are taking the course. When we send you into your gym to practice on strangers, clients, or other coaches it is so that when you record your videos, you have practiced some of the material you will have to display.

Don't be discouraged by this process, be excited that you get to refine your craft.

Now get in there and let's have some fun. Please open the PDF below to begin your journey.

PRO Course Intro.pdf
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